Monday, March 31, 2014

Plat du Jour: Talib Kweli - State of Grace ft. Abby Dobson

This week, Talib Kweli released the beautiful animated video for 'State of Grace', the Abby Dobson-featuring cut from his latest album 'Gravitas'... Enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Ambassadeurs - Rain

'Rain' is a new track by Brighton-based producer Ambassadeurs, who plans on dropping his debut album this summer... Enjoy!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Download: Sluggart - Slumberless

With his new album 'Slumberless', Belgian producer Sam Nielandt aka Sluggart once again proves he is the go-to guy for scary, dark soundscapes and beautiful, dreamy ambient. Head over to Xtraplex' bandcamp to cop the very exclusive 'Slumberless'-artbook or to get the digital version, enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Little Dragon - Klapp Klapp (Swindle Remix)

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about Swindle's excellent remix of Zara McFarlane's beautiful 'Open Heart' and now it seems the Swedes of Little Dragon have discovered the production-wiz' remix-skills as well... Enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Jamie XX - Sleep Sound

'Sleep Sound' is one half of Jamie XX' new 'Girl / Sleep Sound'-EP, set to drop May 5 on Young Turks, enjoy!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Download: V/A - The Blend Beat Project

Very nice first beatcomp by The Blend Beat Project, containing beats by the likes of ShunGu, Sixfingerz and Robot Orchestra. Find your free download here or head over to bandcamp to support the project...

Beat Appetit: Brandn Shiraz - Luca's Hair

This one's been gettin' regular rotation since the dope 'Oh, The Future' came out, enjoy Auckland-based producer Brandn Shiraz' 'Luca's Hair'...

Plat du Jour: Jaded Incorporated - Coconut Sofa

Back in the day, both Mayer Hawthorne and 14KT used to be part of a band called Athletic Mic League. Today they return with a new collaboration under a new moniker: Jaded Incorporated. After hearing the truly addictive 'Coconut Sofa', I'm very much lookin' forward to their album  
'The Big Knock', set to drop June 17 on Casablanca ... Enjoy! 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Beat Appetit: ELOQ - Horny Loop

Another hard-hitter found on Activia Benz' 'Activia Frenz Vol. 1'-compilation, enjoy the brassy bass of Copenhagen-based producer ELOQ's 'Horny Loop'...

Plat du Jour: Mobb Deep - The Block

'The Block' is a really dope Kaytranada-produced cut from the soon to be released 
'The Infamous... Mobb Deep', enjoy!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Download: Melodiesinfonie - Friede Freude

Since I can't remember hearin' a Melodiesinfonie-beat and not instantly lovin' it, it was quite predictable I would love his debut album 'Friede Freude'. And because I know you will too, I urge you to head over to Boyoom Connective's bandcamp and cop this fine example of Swiss mastery... Enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Pixelord - Drinky

Shifting Peaks released a vocal version of this song featuring Mo Laudi a couple of weeks ago, but I still prefer the original instrumental... Enjoy Moscow-based producer Pixelord's 'Drinky'...

Plat du Jour: Kelis - Rumble

The Daptone-inspired 'Rumble' is one of the more interesting tracks on Kelis new record 'Food' (which drops next month on Ninja Tune), enjoy the quite silly video!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Download: Arts the Beatdoctor - Lazy Thunder Remixes

Dutch producer Arts the Beatdoctor's 'Lazy Thunder' was one of my favourite EP's of 2013, so it's only natural I'm enjoyin' the remixed version as well... Head over to Lowriders' bandcamp to download 'Lazy Thunder Remixes', enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Apollo Brown - The Answer

Producer of nothing but dopeness Apollo Brown announced the release of a new instrumental album called 'Thirty Eight' today. Since the LP is set to drop on Mello May 6th, he gave us a little something to keep us happy while we wait... Enjoy 'The Answer'...

Plat du Jour: Blueprint - Respect the Architect

Veteran emcee/producer Blueprint returns with 'Respect the Architect', the first single and title track of his new album (scheduled to drop April 22nd on Weightless). The video gives you a pretty good idea what would have happened if Jack the Ripper was a beatmaker, enjoy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Download: Bored Lord - Source

Really diggin' these post-internetbeats Memphis-based producer Bored Lord has blessed us with... Enjoy the video for 'Trans Parent Gifts' and then head over to Rare Nnudes' bandcamp to download his exciting 'Source'-EP, enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Spacedtime - Jacknicholson

The beautiful 'Jacknicholson' is my favourite tune on British producer Spacedtime's excellent new 'Manifest EP', enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Hade + DWFL - The Healthiest Man in Chicago

I know, it's a total shame I slept on this ish for so damn long. Last year, Cologne-based producers Hade + DWFL flipped Meth's 'Release Yo' Delf' into an incredibly infectious banger .. Enjoy the pretty fantastic video for 'The Healthiest Man in Chicago'... 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Download: Insightful - Reminders

Oakland, CA-based producer Insightful is always a very reliable source for fresh future beats... Head over to bandcamp to download his new 'Reminders'-EP, enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Damu The Fudgemunk - They Who Flock

'They Who Fock' is another masterfully crafted track by Washington, D.C.-based producer 
Damu The Fudgemunk. Go get last year's excellent 'Spur Momento Trailer' at Redefinition, enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Machinedrum - Back Seat Ho (Rustie Remix)

Today Ninja Tune releases Machinedrum's 'Fenris District', a new five-track EP containing this monster called 'Back Seat Ho'. The original is pretty mindblowing, but of course we prefer Rustie's  boisterous remix, enjoy!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Plat du Jour: Vince Staples - Nate

The pretty depressing 'Nate' is one of the standout tracks on Odd Future-affiliated emcee
Vince Staples' new 'Shyne Coldchain II', enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Zulu - Eden

Today I go for another smooth little track on Italdred's exhaustive 'The Journey'-compilation. Enjoy 'Eden' by Zulu...

Download: Mo Kolours - Mo Kolours

You gotta love that Alex Chase and his One-Handed Music-imprint. On this sunny Sunday they are handing out brilliant British/Mauritian singer/producer Mo Kolours' self-titled debut album 'Mo Kolours' for free. Head over to bandcamp to download a truly amazing piece of music, enjoy!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Plat du Jour: Jay Electronica - Better in Tune With the Infinite ft. LaTonya Givens

'Better in Tune With the Infinite' is an amazing new track by Jay Electronica, enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Paul White - Missin Love

Smooth sunny stuff by fresh R&S-signee Paul White, enjoy 'Missin Love'...

Download: Spacedtime - Manifest EP

Last week, British producer Spacedtime surprised us with his greatest release so far. Head over to his bandcamp to download the jazzy dopeness of his brand new 'Manifest EP', enjoy!

Docu: The Strange Story of Joe Meek

Joe Meek was probably the strangest and certainly the most talented studio-engineer, songwriter and producer to have roamed the British pre-Beatles music scene. The BBC Four-documentary
'The Strange Story of Joe Meek' focuses on his tragic life and the radio-friendly stuff he made rather than his more interestig experimental or psychedelic recordings, but is a must-watch nonetheless... Enjoy!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Download: Entheogenesis - Vanity

Manchester's Shimmy-label released 'Vanity', a very decent EP by Sydney-based producer Entheogenesis, last week. Head over to bandcamp to download, enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Homeboy Sandman - Wade in the Water

'Wade in the Water' is my favourite track on Homeboy Sandman's excellent new Paul White-produced EP 'White Sands'. Head over to Stones Throw to cop that ish, enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Daisuke Tanabe - Pin

 Japanese producer Daisuke Tanabe shared a couple of unreleased tracks on his soundcloud this week, enjoy the bouncy 'Pin'...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Beat Appetit: Prefuse73 & Machinedrum - The Only Scarf

'The Only Scarf' is a great collaborative track by Prefuse73 & Machinedrum, enjoy!

Download: Joe Kickass - The Average Joe

Dutch artist Joe Kickass deserves your attention for his mad skills on the mic and his very dope productions. Since Project:Mooncircle offers his new album 'The Average Joe' as a free download, you have absolutely no excuse not to check it out. Enjoy!

Plat du Jour: The Underachievers - Incandescent

'Incandescent' is a hot new, Ryan Hemsworth-produced joint by The Underachievers, enjoy!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Download: ShunGu - The Pisces Tape

Brussels-based beatmaker ShunGu is back with the third installment of his astrological series. Head over to Hot Record Société's bandcamp to download 'The Pisces Tape', enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Carpet Patrol - Indian Slap

Suff Daddy and Torky Tork asked Rob Really to shoot this classy video for 'Indian Slap', the second taste from their self-titled debut album as Carpet Patrol. Enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville

Today, the highly anticipated Freddie Gibbs & Madlib-collaborative album 'Piñata' (the cocaine was apparently dropped) got released on Stones Throw, and I have to say: it's pretty goddamn great! 'Shitsville' is my favourite track, enjoy!

Download: Zetroc - Atrophy

Abstract, eclectic and eccentric but very soulful nonetheless, this debut-EP by Louisiana-based singer and producer Zetroc. Head over to bandcamp to download 'Atrophy', enjoy!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Beat Appetit: Iglooghost - Yellowfours

'Yellowfours' is a pretty little beat by young British producer Iglooghost, enjoy!

Download: Untitled - Untitled

Very enjoyable beats by mysterious producer Untitled. Head over to Rare Nnudes' bandcamp to download your copy, enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Zara McFarlane - Open Heart (Swindle Remix)

Genius producer Swindle turned Zara McFarlane's new single 'Open Heart' -the opener of her latest album 'If You Knew Her'- into an incredibly funky track, enjoy!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Download: Matas & Edo Lee - Waking Nights

'Waking Nights' is a very interesting jazzy beatproject by New York-based producers 
Matas & Edo Lee. Head over to the Budo Kiba-bandcamp to download, enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Freddie Joachim - Wash Away

Saturday-smoothness by seasoned producer Freddie Joachim, enjoy 'Wash Away'...

Plat du Jour: Oddisee - Back of My Mind

'Back of My Mind' is one of the songs that made Oddisee's 'Tanglible Dream' my 2nd favourite record of 2013. Enjoy the beautiful, Jeremy Ian Thomas-directed video...

Friday, March 14, 2014

Beat Appetit: Wodoo Wolcan - Enlightenment

Found this little gem by Swiss producer Wodoo Wolcan on Cosmic Compositions' 'Avant Garde Series Vol​​.​​2', enjoy!