Friday, February 28, 2014

Plat du Jour: Jesse Boykins III - Plain

Yesterday, Jesse Boykins III released 'Plain', the Machinedrum-produced lead single of his upcoming LP 'Love Apparatus'. Watch the Harrison Boyce-directed lyric video below, enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Ackryte - Super Last Minute

'Super Last Minute' is the opener of Minneapolis-based producer Ackryte's new record 'Utmost', enjoy!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Docu: Fantastic Man

'Fantastic Man' is a beautiful documentary about Luaka Bop's search for (information about) the amazing William Onyeabor. Make sure to check my little Onyeabor-playlist if you like what you hear, enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Lilacs & Champagne - Shower Scene

Lilacs & Champagne returned to the spotlight yesterday to announce their new 'Midnight Features Vol. I: Shower Scene EP' (dropping on April 8) and to show us the pretty creepy video for the title track... Enjoy 'Shower Scene'...

Beat Appetit: Carpet Patrol - Bob Molly (Pop Pillies)

Rob Dinero aka Rob Really directed this very stilish, vaporizer-starring video for  
'Bob Molly (Pop Pillies)' by Carpet Patrol (Suff Daddy teamin' up with Torky Tork)... Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Download: Chief - Echo Chamber

Swiss producer Chief offers us a collection of 31 beats he made last year; head over to Feelin' Music's bandcamp to download 'Echo Chamber' for free, enjoy!

Download: Exmag - Proportions

Brooklyn collective Exmag produce high quality funk and silky smooth R&B. Head over to soundcloud to check out their very nice 'Proportions'-album, enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Henry Wu - Natural Complexion ft. Tenderlonius

A weird mix of excitement, awe and jealousy: that's the feeling I get when I hear new music by the fantastic Henry Wu. Enjoy his new track 'Natural Complexion', which dropped a couple of days ago on XVI...

Beat Appetit: NeckTalk - Gillian

This tune should come with a little sticker sayin' "Warning: might cause one's spine to snap". Enjoy NeckTalk's new banger 'Gillian'...

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Beat Appetit: Tall Black Guy - From Home To Work, And Back...

'From Home To Work, And Back...' is a masterfully crafted beat off of seasoned producer
Tall Black Guy's stunning '8 Miles to Moenart'-album, enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Mo Kolours - Child's Play

'Child's Play' is a lovely new track by the great Mo Kolours, whose first full album ('Mo Kolours') is scheduled to drop March 24 on One-Handed... Enjoy! 

Download: Title - Title Remixes Vol. 1

Belgian producer Title is a nice guy: he shares five excellent remixes with us. Head over to bandcamp to download 'Title Remixes Vol. 1', enjoy!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Download: TMCT - Snow Beach

Leeds-based producer TMCT creates slow, dusty beats. Head over to bandcamp to download his dope 'Snow Beach'-tape, enjoy!

Plat du Jour: AB & 14KT - Forgotten

'Forgotten' is my favourite track on singer AB and producer 14KT's collaborative album 'Saturn Return' from last year, enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Mndsgn - Kikhabits

'Kikhabits' is one of the best tracks on Mndsgn's addictive 'Breatharian' -album, enjoy!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Docu: Still Bill: The Bill Withers Story

'Still Bill: The Bill Withers Story' is a truly beautiful, touching documentary about the life and carreer of the legedary Bill Withers, enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Talib Kweli - Rare Portraits

On the Oh No-produced 'Rare Portraits', one of the finer cuts on 'Gravitas', we find Talib Kweli reminiscin' about his carreer and his life in general... Enjoy!

Download: D. Randle & D. Rose - Randle & Rose

Very enjoyable, this collaborative EP by K-Otix founding member Damien Randle and Don Rose. Head over to bandcamp to download 'Randle & Rose' and make sure to check the nice videos for 'Longest Day' and 'Zenith', enjoy!

Les Chefs: Pharoahe Monch

A couple of weeks ago I saw the legendary Pharoahe Monch perform at Brussels' Bazaar-venue. Despite the low attendance the top class emcee put so much joy and energy in his set that by the end of the concert every single person there got convinced Monch is one of the best emcees of his, this and future generations. 'PTSD', his highly-anticipated fourth solo-album, is scheduled to drop in April, but for those of you not familiar with the former Organized Konfusion-member's music, I made these little playlists with my favourite Pharoahe-tracks... Enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Jailo & Kappa Kavi - Seepy Seepy

Dutch producers Jailo and Kappa Kavi joined forces for the very interesting 'Ambivalence EP'. My favourite track is the bouncy 'Seepy Seepy', enjoy!

Download: Man Mantis - Majestic Dimensions: Vol. 1

Denver-based producer Man Mantis released this interesting EP a couple of weeks ago. Head over to bandcamp to download 'Majestic Dimensions: Vol. 1', enjoy!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Free shit: Scott Xylo - Scott Pilgrim EP

Leicester-based producer Scott Xylo focused on 8-bit samples for his new EP. Head over to Piramid's bandcamp to download the very dope 'Scott Pilgrim EP', enjoy!

Docu: Unsung: Gil Scott-Heron

TV One's Unsung decided to cover the life and legacy of one of my heroes: Gil Scott-Heron. Watch the documentary below, enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Krts - Berlin Girls

The females in his new hometown seem to have inspired Berlin-based American producer Kurtis Hairson aka Krts. Enjoy 'Berlin Girls' off 'The Foreigner', his latest EP for Project Mooncircle...

Plat du Jour: Chet Faker - Talk Is Cheap

New track by Australian b(e)ard Chet Faker, whose debut album 'Built on Glass' is scheduled to drop April 11 on Future Classic... Enjoy! 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Free shit: Transcending Project - Change

'Transcending Project - Change' is a very smooth and funky 2006 album by Brussels-based artist  
72 Soul and American producer Akello Light... Head over to bandcamp to find your download, enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Jesse Boykins III - Amen Awoman

'Amen Awoman' is a stunning new Melo-X-produced lovesong by Jesse Boykins III, enjoy!

Beat Appetit: FS Green - Git Witt U (VIP Mix)

Amsterdam-based producer FS Green put this addictive uptempo banger up on his soundcloud last week... Enjoy the VIP-mix of 'Git Witt U'...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Free shit: ShunGu - The Aquarius Tape

'The Aquarius Tape' is the second installment in Brussels-based beatsmith ShunGu's astrological series. Head over to Hot Record Société's bandcamp to download, enjoy!

Beat Appetit: L.E.G. - Basketville

Brussels-based hiphopcrew L.E.G. (consisting of producers Sublyme Diagonal and Roger3000 and emcee Citizen Ledge) put this dope instrumental up on their soundcloud a couple of days ago, enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Thundercat - Evangelion / We Die

The legendary B+ directed this beautiful double video for Thundercat's 'Evangelion' and 'We Die', enjoy!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Free shit: Swarvy - Angel

Philly-based producer Swarvy made this cool new four-track EP called 'Angel'. Head over to bandcamp to download his abstract beats for free, enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Jungle by Night - Desdemona

Today was a great day. 'Why?', you ask? Well, I found a new Jungle by Night-track in my mailbox, that's why! The entrancing 'Desdemona' is the first track off of JbN's upcoming new album 'The Hunt', which is scheduled to drop April 25 on Kindred Spirits. Find your free download below and make sure to check out the exciting trailer for 'The Hunt'... Enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Giorgio Oehlers - No Heart Feelings

Rotterdam-based producer Giorgio Oehlers made this absolutely stunning tune called 'No Heart Feelings' a couple of months ago... Enjoy!

Docu: What Difference Does It Make? A Film About Making Music

The good people at Red Bull Music Academy asked award-winning German director Ralf Schmerberg to shoot a feature film about well... making music. Watch the cool documentary film (featuring artists like Erykah Badu, James Murphy, Giorgio Moroder, Q-Tip, Rakim, Thundercat, Brian Eno, Lee 'Scratch' Perry and many more) below, enjoy!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Free shit: V/A - Free the Beats Vol. 11

The good people at Free the Beats made a new beatcomp: head over to bandcamp to download fresh beats by the likes of Arts the Beatdoctor, Itzme and Junglemire... Enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Warren Xclnce - Examine Me ft. Etta Bond

Check out this beautiful video for 'Examine Me', one of the best tracks on British producer Warren Xclnce's latest 'Nymphophonic EP', enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Twit One - Shalala

German producer Twit One cooks up a very nice stew using kick, snare, hi-hats and some little piano- and vocal samples as ingredients... Enjoy 'Shalala'...

Monday, February 17, 2014

Beat Appetit: Teebs - View Point

'View Point' is an exciting new track by Brainfeeder-producer and painter Teebs, enjoy!

Free shit: V/A - Expansion Sound Vol​.​1

Mecca:83's Expansion Collective have put together this great compilation showcasing great beats by producers like Kan Sano, Ben Bada Boom, Handbook, Question, Jon Rogers, Vanilla and Fitz Ambro$e... Head over to bandcamp to find your free download of 'Expansion Sound Vol. 1', enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Rob Really - Section 8

Dopeness galore, this new video for the Figub Brazlevic-produced track 'Section 8' by Berlin-based MoonTroop-member Rob Really... Enjoy!

Free shit: User - A drink with John, Chuck, Bill, Frank & Sam

Ghent-based producer User put this fresh batch of strange ambient and intricate lo-fi beats up on his soundcloud yesterday. Head over to bandcamp to download his new EP 'A drink with John, Chuck, Bill, Frank & Sam' for free, enjoy! 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Docu: The World According to John Coltrane

'The World According to John Coltrane' is a wonderful 1990 documentary consisting of interviews with friends and fellow musicians of the jazz great, alongside beautiful live fragments of his concerts... Enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Little Dragon - Klapp Klapp

'Klapp Klapp' is the exciting first single for Little Dragon's upcoming album 'Nabuma Rubberband', enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Boss Kite - Disko Fever

British soundwiz Boss Kite put this colourful synthjam -imagine a three minute-trip through Wonka's chocolate factory- up on his soundcloud today... Enjoy 'Disko Fever'!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Docu: DLTLLY At Home With MoonTroop

Don't Let The Label Label You had the excellent idea to go visit Rob Really in his Berlin crib and ask him and his fellow MoonTroop-members AC and Freddy Bracker about their music and their DIY-attitude, enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Pigeodust - Does of Soul

'Does of Soul' is a beautiful beat from Japanese producer Pigeondust, off of his spit beattape '7th Wonder' with Bugseed, enjoy! 

Free shit: SNK∆ - Carnaval

'Carnaval' is yet another great beattape from Parisian producer SNK∆. Head over to Cosmic Compositions for a free download, enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Quadron - Favorite Star

'Favorite Star', one of my err... favourite songs on Quadron's stellar sophomore album 'Avalanche', enjoy!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Docu: Stevie Wonder - Hotter Than July

Great BBC documentary on Stevie Wonder's 'Hotter Than July'-tour back in 1980-'81, ideal for rainy days like these... Enjoy!