Sunday, January 31, 2016

Beat Appetit: Melodiesinfonie - The Beginning

Melting Pot Music will be releasing Melodiesinfonie's new album 'Be Thankful' at the end of February, give opener 'The Beginning' a listen below... Enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Vince Staples - Lift Me Up

Check out this nice video for 'Lift Me Up', one of the tracks on Vince Staples' 'Summertime '06'-album from last year... Enjoy!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Download: V/A - The Guide (Belgian Edition)

Yesterday, the nice guys at Foot Juice released this dope compilation gathering tracks by Belgian producers like Vanalles, Wormfinger, Le Motel, L3eatz, Strand and many others... Head over to bandcamp to download 'The Guide (Belgian Edition)', enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Sixfingerz - Let You Go

Lemon Sniff made this beautiful video for Sixfingerz' 'Let You Go', one of the best tracks on last year's 'Endromidae'-album - available at We Grow Wax... Enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Miles Bonny - Way ft. Shhor

The Shhor-featuring 'Way' is a brand new track by sfftk-favourite Miles Bonny, give it a spin below... Enjoy!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Beat Appetit: FilosofischeStilte & Bios - King of the Hill

FilosofischeStilte and Bios joined forces for the menacing 'King of the Hill', one of the tracks on Saturate's upcoming new 'Saturated Vol. 5'-compilation... Enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Marvin Franklin With Kimo And The Guys - Kona Winds

Aloha Got Soul's Roger Bong selected 16 rare Hawaiian songs for a new Strut-compilation, set for release March 18th... Give Marvin Franklin With Kimo And The Guys' amazing 'Kona Winds' a spin below, enjoy!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Download: Terem - Movement EP

Very nice, these mellow beats by French producer Terem... Head over to bandcamp to download his dope 'Movement'-EP, enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Swarvy - Park Slope

Watch a video for Swarvy's 'Park Slope', one of the tracks on last year's 'Extra Lovely Vol. 1'-compilation below, enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Daev Martian - EYTM

Watch this cool video for 'EYTM', one of the tracks on South-African artist Daev Martian's 'Sometimes'-EP - still available at Goldie... Enjoy!

Download: 8reg - Tha Steady-State of Theory

'Tha Steady-State of Theory' is a new beattape by Japanese producer 8reg, head over to bandcamp to find you download... Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Download: Sensi - Wax Addict

Better light up while listening to this dope new EP by Norwegian producer Sensi... Head over to Always Proper's bandcamp to download 'Wax Addict', enjoy!

Plat du Jour: ScienZe - College Park ft. Homeboy Sandman

Lovin' this Homeboy Sandman-featuring track off of Scienze's new '#GeorgiaTape', give 'College Park' a spin below... Enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Björn - Work

'Work' is an incredible new track by Reykjavik-based producer Björn, give it a spin below... Enjoy!

Download: Jonny Drop - Sub Plot

Nothing but dopeness on this new beattape by South-London based drummer and producer Jonny Drop... Head over to Albert's Favourites' bandcamp to download 'Sub Plot', enjoy!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Monday, January 25, 2016

Download: Allan Kingdom - Northern Lights

Pretty decent, this new release by Allan Kingdom... Listen to 'Northern Lights' below or head over here to download the whole thing... Enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Olof Melander - Strength

The beautiful 'Strength' is one of my favourite tracks on Swedish producer Olof Melander's stellar new 'The Path'-LP, available at Project Mooncircle... Enjoy!

Plat du Jour: KING - The Greatest

Lookin' forward to KING's long-awaited 'We Are KING'-album, out February 5th... Watch the pixelated video for single 'The Greatest' below, enjoy!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Beat Appetit: DOC Mastermind - Ganxta Boogey

'Ganxta Boogey' is a dope new track by Parisian producer DOC Mastermind, give it a spin below... Enjoy!

Download: E. Grady - Be That As It May

Nice'n'smooth, these jazz-infused beats by Seattle-based producer E. Grady... Head over to Everydejavu's bandcamp to download 'Be That As It May', enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Mick Jenkins - On The Map ft. BadBadNotGood

Mick Jenkins and BadBadNotGood reworked TheSenseiBlue's irresistible 'On The Map', give their version a spin below... Enjoy!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Beat Appetit: Enschway - Papercut

Syndey-based producer Enschway's spinesnappin' 'Papercut' is one of my favourite tracks on the new 'Daruma Vol. 005'-compilation, enjoy!

Download: V/A - We Got it in Nature Vol. 6

The great folks at We Grow Wax gathered beats by talented people like Sixfingerz, Scottie Royal, Mr. Woox, My Neighbour Is and many others for the 6th episode of their 'We Got it in Nature'-compilation series... Head over to bandcamp to find your download, enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Inswel - Unity 4 Utopia ft. Misumami & Mark De Clive-Lowe

Funkdon Inkswel recruited Misumami and Mark De Clive-Lowe for 'Unity 4 Utopia', the title track of his new album - dropping next week via BBE... Enjoy!

Download: Jamie Blake - Home EP

Not yet on the same level as his world-famous (almost) namesake, but very interesting nonetheless... Head over to Blvnt's bandcamp to download Jamie Blake's 'Home'-EP, enjoy!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Plat du Jour: Torae - Let 'Em Know

The hard-hittin', Jahlil Beats-produced 'Let 'Em Know' is one of my favourite tracks on Torae's new 'Entitled'-album - available at Internal Affairs... Enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Computer Graphics - If You Wanna Use It

'If You Wanna Use It' is the infectious opener of 'We Have to Go', a new release by Pixelord under his Computer Graphics-moniker - available at Fuselab... Enjoy!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Download: Es-K - One Continuous Moment

Last week, Pragmatic Theory released this dope beattape by Vermont-based producer Es-K... Head over to bandcamp to download 'One Continuous Moment', enjoy!

Download: Wulfy Benzo - Story of Rat

Belgium's main art/shock-rapper and producer Wulfy Benzo released this exciting new album today... Head over to bandcamp to order 'Story of Rat' or download the whole project right here... Enjoy!

Beat Appetit: [bsd.u] - Smoking by Myself

Canadian producer [bsd.u]'s 'Smoking by Myself' is one of my favourite tracks on Just Good Music's '30k Subscribers'-comp, enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Diggs Duke - Water For Sale

Head over to Okayplayer to check out the short but beautiful 'Water For Sale', the b-side of Diggs Duke's new 'He Wants to Live Like You'-single - available tomorrow via Brownswood ... Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Beat Appetit: Swindail - Ballpoint

Sydney-based producer Swindail's 'Ballpoint' is one of my favourite tracks on Wu-Xi's second beatcomp... Enjoy!

Download: V/A - Krewcial Edits Vol. 1

Belgian rapper and producer Krewcial released this nice batch of long disco- and funkedits, give the preview a listen below and download his 'Krewcial Edits Vol. 1' right here... Enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Adrian Younge - Winter is Here ft. Karolina

Watch the video for the beautiful, Karolina-featuring 'Winter is Here', one of the tracks on Adrian Younge's new Venice Dawn-album 'Something About April II'... Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Beat Appetit: Hodini & Fidel Astro - Be Bop Betty

Hodini Fidel Astro's 'Be Bop Betty' is one of the tracks on Big Bait's new 'Gold'-compilation, marking the label's 7th anniversary... Enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Kanye West - No More Parties in L.A. ft. Kendrick Lamar

Stars galore on the Madlib-produced and Kendrick Lamar-featuring 'No More Parties in L.A.', an amazing new track by Kanye West... Enjoy!

Download: Ahh Ooh - Journey Prime

Detroit-based producer Ahh Ooh released this funky three-track EP a couple of weeks ago, head over to Hebinomichi's bandcamp to download 'Journey Prime'... Enjoy!

Download: V/A - 30k Subscribers Free Compilation

Just Good Music celebrated 30k subscribers by releasing this little compilation including tracks by the likes of Beatmachinearon, Handbook, Melodiesinfonie, Sokro and many others... Head over to soundcloud to download '30k Subscribers Free Compilation', enjoy!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Beat Appetit: Noza & SiKa - Timboat Haughton

Carlos Ameller Garcia created this beautiful video for 'Timboat Haughton', one of the tracks on Noza & SiKa's 'Infantia'-EP - available at Feelin' Music... Enjoy!

Download: Damacha - 3E3240

Shanghai-based producer Damacha released this dope new EP last week, head over to bandcamp to download '3E3240'... Enjoy!

Download: All These Fingers - Magik

A couple of weeks ago, Michigan-based producer All These Fingers released another dope beattape... Head over to bandcamp to download 'Magik', enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Ivan Ave - The Circle

The Mndsgn-produced 'The Circle' is the first single off of Ivan Ave's upcoming new 'Helping Hands'-album, dropping January 18 via Jakarta... Enjoy!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Beat Appetit: Graves - BMO vs. Football

Honolulu-based producer Graves' bangin' 'BMO vs. Football' is one of my favourite tracks on Daruma's new beatcomp, enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Mayer Hawthorne - Cosmic Love

Mayer Hawthorne has a new album coming out later this year and is kind enough to share this really nice first taste... Listen to 'Cosmic Love' below, enjoy!

Download: V/A - Gergaz Beat Garden 5

The amazing guys at Gergaz released their fifth Beat Garden-compilation, gathering tracks by the likes of Jimmy Pé, Melodiesinfonie, HLMNSRA and many others... Head over to bandcamp to download the 'Beat Garden Compilation 5', enjoy!

Download: V/A - 1AM

A couple of days ago, Washington D.C.'s Fête-label released its first compilation - including tracks by the likes of Halpe, Ben Maxwell, RNDYSVGE and others... Head over to soundcloud to download '1AM', enjoy!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Plat du Jour: Black Milk - For 4ever

Black Milk shared another ridiculously dope new track this week, give 'For 4ever' a spin below... Enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Spellwrks - Cosmic Spray

'Cosmic Spray' is another one of my favourite tracks on Spellwrks' 'Mind Gems Vol. 3'-album, available at Urban Waves... Enjoy!