Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Beat Appetit: Cid Rim - Surge

Peter Marsden directed this video for the magnificent 'Surge', one of the tracks on sfftk-favourite Cid Rim's upcoming debut album 'Material' - out October 20th on LuckyMe... Enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Cehryl - Side Effects

The lovely 'Side Effects' is one of the tracks on Hong Kong-based artist Cehryl's 'Wherever It May Be'-EP - out next month on Fête... Enjoy!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Beat Appetit: The Kount - Eye For an Eye

The Kount's lush 'Eye For an Eye' is one of my favourite tracks on Souletiquette's 'Ingenious Pleasure Vol. 3'-compilation, enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Steve Lacy - 4Real

The amazing Steve Lacy shared a new track last week, give the upbeat '4Real' a spin below... Enjoy!

Download: Dayzero - Yggdrasil EP

Very nice, this debut EP by Japanese producer Dayzero... Head over to Orikami's bandcamp to download 'Yggdrasil', enjoy!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Beat Appetit: Silo - Cycles

Leuven-based producer Silo shared this beautiful new beat earlier this week, give his 'Cycles' a spin below... Enjoy!

Plat du Jour: BadBadNotGood - Confessions Pt. III ft. Colin Stetson

Earlier this week, BadBadNotGood shared this wonderful, Colin Stetson-featuring track that didn't make last year's 'IV'... Give 'Confessions Pt. III' a spin below, enjoy!

Download: V/A - BLVE MUUN: African Stories of the Known Unknown

Shimmy joined forces with Johannesburg's Nokturnvl-collective for this cool new compilation... Head over to bandcamp to download 'BLVE MUUN: African Stories of the Known Unknown', enjoy!

Download: Figub Brazlevic - 4x4 Palestine Jeep Beats

It had been a couple of years since German producer Figub Brazlevic released new dopeness, but this beattape definitely seems worth the wait... Head over to bandcamp to download '4x4 Palestine Jeep Beats', enjoy!

Download: Wormfinger - ToyBox EP

Ghent-based basshead Wormfinger invites us to step into the dark and sinister landscape he painted on this great new EP... Head over to Foot Juice's bandcamp to download 'ToyBox', enjoy!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Beat Appetit: Bastiengoat - Workin

Quite irresistible, this infectious new track by Oakland-based producer Bastiengoat... Give his 'Workin' a spin below, enjoy!

Plat du Jour: The Breathing Effect - Water Static (Blinding Phoenix)

The stunning 'Water Static (Blinding Phoenix)' is the opener of The Breathing Effect's upcoming new 'The Fisherman Abides'-album - out September 29 via Alpha Pup... Enjoy!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Plat du Jour: TheColorGrey - On & On

PJ Claessens and Lennard Brand shot this video for 'On & On', one of the tracks on Belgian emcee TheColorGrey's 'Rebelation'-album - available at Warner... Enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Ohbliv - Black Fire

The dirty 'Baksliderzz' is one of my favourite tracks on Richmond-based producer Ohbliv's recent 'Black Fire'-tape, enjoy!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Plat du Jour: Ibeyi - Deathless ft. Kamasi Washington

Kamasi Washington assists the Ibeyi-sisters on 'Deathless', the first single off their upcoming new 'Ash'-album - out September 29th via XL... Watch the Ed Morris-directed video below, enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Blockhead - UFOMG

Legendary N.Y.C. producer Blockhead has a new album ('Funeral Balloons') out via the Backwoodz-imprint, give the eerie 'UFOMG' a spin below... Enjoy!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Plat du Jour: Cid Rim & Petite Noir - Swnerve

sfftk-favourite Cid Rim and Petite Noir spent some time together in the studio... Give the beautiful 'Swnerve' a spin below, enjoy!

Download: Missing Hito - Enjoy Everything

Lots of jazzy and funky niceness on this new beattape by Canadian producer Missing Hito... Head over to bandcamp to download 'Enjoy Everything', and act accordingly...

Beat Appetit: Kuiters - Splash

Yesterday, Dutch producer Kuiters returned to surface with the silky 'Splash', give the track a spin below... Enjoy!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Download: Mycatisflying - Mycatisflying

Brescia-based producer DayKoda shared this lovely FlyLo-esque EP under his Mycatisflying-moniker, head over to Orikami's bandcamp to download 'Mycatisflying'... Enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Fredfades - Space Carnival ft. Mndsgn & Chester Watson

The Mndsgn-co-produced and Chester Watson-featuring 'Space Carnival' is one of my favourite tracks on Fredfades' excellent 'Warmth'-LP - available at KingUnderground... Enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Benedek - On My Way

The funky 'On My Way' is one of the tracks on L.A.-based producer Benedek's new 'Bene's World'-LP - available at Leaving... Enjoy!

Download: Supreme Sol x Handbook - Impetus

St. Louis-based emcee Supreme Sol and York-based producer Handbook joined forces once again for their third joint EP... Head over to bandcamp to download 'Impetus', enjoy!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Plat du Jour: Allie - Bad Habits

Mark Martin directed this impressive video for 'Bad Habits', one of my favourite tracks on Canadian songstress Allie's debut album 'Nightshade'... Enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Siriusmo - Comic

Jens Tümmel, Maurice Croissier and Rolf Bremer made this cool video for 'Comic', the title track off of German genius Siriusmo's upcoming new album - out September 15th via Monkeytown... Enjoy!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Beat Appetit: Milano - .Zip

Lovin' this quirky little track by Cali-based producer Milano, give his '.Zip' a spin below... Enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Raiza Biza - Diamonds & Gold

Connor Pritchard shot this cool video for 'Diamonds & Gold', a soulful new track by sfftk-favourite Raiza Biza... Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Beat Appetit: Byron the Aquarius & Cropper - Song For A Friend

The Cropper-featuring 'Song For A Friend' is my favourite track on Byron the Aquarius' new 'Leaving This Planet'-EP - available at Eglo... Enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Injury Reserve - North Pole ft. Austin Feinstein

Parker Corey directed this impressive video for the Austin Feinstein-featuring 'North Pole', one of the tracks on Injury Reserve's upcoming new 'Drive It Like It's Stolen'-album... Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Download: Mehbian - Pattern

Last week, Liège-based producer Mehbian shared this dope new EP... Head over to Cosmic Pop's bandcamp to download 'Pattern', enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Holly x Crimes x Yunis x Chee - Four Seasons

Bassheads Holly, Crimes, Yunis and Chee go all out on this crazy collabo... Give their 'Four Seasons' a spin below, enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Curtis Harding - Wednesday Morning Atonement

Sky Shields directed this beautiful video for 'Wednesday Morning Atonement', one of the tracks on Curtis Harding's upcoming new 'Face Your Fear'-album - out October 27th via Anti... Enjoy!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sunday Soulschool: Minnie Riperton

Chicago-born singer Minnie Riperton was just a teenager when she joined girl group the Gems and signed with the legendary Chess label. After releasing a couple of singles and doing backing vocals for folks like Fontella Bass, Etta James and The Dells, she was recruited by producer Charles Stepney for his psychedelic soul ensemble Rotary Connection, with whom she recorded five critically acclaimed but commercially unsuccessful albums. 
In 1970 Riperton released her debut solo album 'Come to My Garden' - composed by her husband Richard Rudolph and produced and arranged by Stepney - but it was the Stevie Wonder co-produced 'Perfect Angel' (including the angelic 'Lovin' You') that would make her an international star. She went on to release three more albums before her tragic death in 1979, losing the battle against breast cancer at age 31. 
Find out why Riperton is still considered one of soul music's most unique voices by givin' the playlist below a listen, enjoy!

Download: V/A - Vol. IV - Fuse

Australia's Wu-Xi released this dope new compilation with contributions by the likes of Woosta, Robustt, William. and many others... Head over to soundcloud to download 'Vol. IV - Fuse', enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Deffie - Access Panel

The great Deffie shared another track off his upcoming new 'FR FR'-EP, give the exciting 'Access Panel' a spin below... Enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Ivan Ave - Running Shoes

Kiefer and Like produced the smooth 'Running Shoes', one of the tracks on Ivan Ave's upcoming new 'Every Eye'-LP - out later this month via Jakarta... Enjoy!

Download: V/A - Ingenious Pleasure Vol. 3

Earlier this week, the nice folks at Souletiquette shared this very nice compilation including tracks from the likes of Mo Vibez, The Kount, Kayloo and many others... Head over to bandcamp to download 'Ingenious Pleasure Vol. 3', enjoy!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Friday, September 1, 2017

Beat Appetit: Handbook - Whipped Cream

The delicious 'Whipped Cream' is one of my favourite tracks on Handbook's new 'Devotion'-EP - available at Italdred... Enjoy!