Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Docu: Broken Vibes: The Secret Story of Magneto

Arthur Borgnis and Nicolas de Kerneizon made this excellent documentary on West London's broken beat scene, watch 'Broken Vibes: The Secret Story of Magneto' below... Enjoy!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Beat Appetit: Klim Beats - Help

The beautiful 'Help' is one of my favourite tracks on Kiev-based producer Klim Beats' new 'Last Call'-album - available at Ninetofive... Enjoy!

Plat du Jour: ECHT! - Dear Jonwayne

Brussels-based quartet ECHT! pay tribute to one of their favourite rappers on the impressive 'Dear Jonwayne', give it a listen below... Enjoy!

Smoke Breaks 012: LOFI HIGH by Papi Suave

For this week's episode of Smoke Breaks, we turned to young Belgian deejay and tastemaker Papi Suave. The self-proclaimed 'lover of smooth bops' is the founder of SMTH SNDS, a popular SoundCloud-platform/radio show that's all about bringing smooth vibes to a global audience.
Relentless in his pursuit of the smoothest sounds, Suave recently released his first compilation EP ('Suave Section') - a selection of flips and remixes from some of his favourite producers - and launched a playlist dedicated to emerging Belgian female artists ('GIRLS NEED LOVE | BELGIUM'). 
We're excited to see Suave and SMTH SNDS continue to evolve and expand in this new year, pushing nothing but the smoothest sounds and the lushest vibes... Get a head start by giving Papi Suave's 'LOFI HIGH'-mix a spin below... Enjoy!