Monday, August 31, 2015

Download: Floridomi - Joints Vol. 1

NY-based-producer Floridomi released this tasty batch of smoked-out beats a couple of months ago, head over to bandcamp to download 'Joints Vol. 1'... Enjoy!

Download: V/A - DTW 30K

Last week, the great people at Darker Than Wax celebrated 30.000 soundcloud-followers by releasing a great compilation including beats by the likes of Beatsofreen, Jasper Staal, Kijk Een Ster and many others... Listen to 'DTW 30K' below and find your download here... Enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Kali Uchis - Loner

Colombian cutie Kali Uchis seems ready for stardom... Enjoy the video for the excellent 'Loner' below...

Beat Appetit: Pomo - How I Feel

Didier Charette directed this sexy video for 'How I Feel', one of the tracks on Pomo's 'The Other Day'-EP... Enjoy!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Plat du Jour: Electric Wire Hustle - Aeons

The good people at Bastard Jazz offer us the title track off of sfftk-favourites Electric Wire Hustle's brand new 'Aeons'-EP, enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Swindle - Elevator Music ft. TC

Sfftk-favourite Swindle shared another track from his upcoming new 'Peace, Love & Music'-album, let the irresistible 'Elevator Music' put a huge smile on your face... Enjoy!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Beat Appetit: Thriftworks - Fairy Mash

Oakland, CA-based producer Thriftworks' amazing 'Fairy Mash' is one of my favourite tracks on SVNSET WAVES'SVMMER SVN'-compilation, enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Raiza Biza - Chuck Daly ft. PNC

ODD directed this video for 'Chuck Daly', one of the best tracks on Auckland-based rapper Raiza Biza's 'The Imperfectionist'... Enjoy!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Beat Appetit: Chief & Deheb - Betina

The pretty synthy 'Betina' is one of the tracks on ChiefDeheb's upcoming new 'Leaf'-album, dropping in October via Feelin Music... Enjoy!

Download: All These Fingers - Rhodes Collection Vol. 2

Earlier this week, Michigan-based producer All These Fingers released the second installment of his 'Rhodes Collection'... Head over to bandcamp to download 'Rhodes Collection Vol. 2', enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Szjerdene - Faded

The amazing Szjerdene shows off her skills on the irresistible, Full Crate-produced 'Faded'; give it a listen below... Enjoy!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Plat du Jour: Bishop Nehru - The Alert

The talented Bishop Nehru celebrated his 19th birthday by sharing the video for the self-produced 'The Alert', enjoy!

Download: Robot Orchestra - Chasing Rainbows

Cologne-based producer and sfftk-favourite Robot Orchestra released this beautiful new beattape last week... Head over to bandcamp to download 'Chasing Rainbows', enjoy!

Beat Appetit: FilosofischeStilte - My Air Black

The great FilosofischeStilte sure loves his black Air Max 90's... Listen to 'My Air Black', one of the tracks on his upcoming new 'I Forgot About It, Before I Thought About It'-EP - dropping September 4 via Noah's Ark... Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Plat du Jour: Kriswontwo - Love, Need You ft. Omar

Danish producer Kriswontwo recruited British bard Omar for 'Love, Need You', one of the tracks on 'Ceremoni' - his upcoming full length debut dropping in September... Enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Floating Points - Silhouettes (I, II & II)

Pablo Barquin and Junior Martinez directed this beautiful video for the amazing 'Silhouettes (I, II & III)', one of the tracks on 'Elenia', Floating Points long-awaited debut album - available via Pluto and Luaka Bop in November... Enjoy!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Plat du Jour: Mick Jenkins - Get Up Get Down

 Nathan R. Smith and Sebastian Sdaigui directed this joyful video for 'Get Up Get Down', one of the tracks on Mick Jenkins' new 'Wave[s]'-EP... Enjoy!

Beat Appetit: KRNE - Propane

 'Propane' is a new banger by Californian producer KRNE, give it a listen below... Enjoy!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Beat Appetit: Saib. - Hamduche

Moroccan producer Saib. released this exotic little gem earlier this week, give 'Hamduche' a listen below... Enjoy!

Download: V/A - SVMMER SVN Vol. 3

Yesterday, SVNSET WAVES released this huge compilation with contributions by the likes of Thriftworks, Flamingosis, Celadon City, Contour and many others... Head over to bandcamp to download 'SVMMER SVN Vol. 3', enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Phony Ppl - Smoke to Get Sober

Chris Santiago directed this hazy video for 'Smoke to Get Sober', one of the tracks on Phony Ppl's excellent 'Yesterdays Tomorrow'-album... Enjoy!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Beat Appetit: Beaudamian - Don't Do Drugs

The skullcracking 'Don't Do Drugs' is my favourite track on Dutch producer Beaudamian's new 'Pleione'-EP, available at Terrorhythm... Enjoy!

Download: V/A - Evolutionary Past

Last week, Dublin's Clockwork-collective released this dope compilation including beats by the likes of Saib., Scaled, Sandpeople and many others... Head over to bandcamp to download 'Evolutionary Past', enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Billie Black - This Simple Pleasure

Anton du Preez directed this cool video for the Mura Masa-produced 'This Simple Pleasure', one of the best tracks on London-based producer Billie Black's new EP with the same name... Enjoy!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Beat Appetit: Handbook - Ground-Elder

Earlier today, York-based producer Handbook shared the gorgeous 'Ground-Elder' - one of the tracks on his upcoming 'Botanicals'-EP... Enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Gangrene - Sheet Music ft. Havoc & Sean Price

Oh No and Alchemist mourn the loss of Sean Price in the Jason Goldwatch-directed video for 'Sheet Music', one of the best tracks on Gangrene's new 'You Disgust Me'-album - available via Mass Appeal... Enjoy!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Download: Sufyvn - MEROE

Khartoum-based producr and sfftk-favourite Sufyvn returns with this beautiful new beattape, head over to Hot Record Société's bandcamp to download 'MEROE'... Enjoy!

Beat Appetit: DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad - Dubby ft. Danny Brown

DJ Spinn hooked up with the late DJ Rashad and Danny Brown for 'Dubby', one of the tracks on his upcoming 'Off That Loud'-EP - available on October 2 via Hyperdub... Enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Talib Kweli - Fuck The Money

The boomin', Cassper Nyovest-featuring 'Fuck The Money' is the lead-single of Talib Kweli's free new album with the same title... Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Download: Flamingosis - Pleasure Palette

New Jersey-based producer Flamingosis blessed us with another collection of funky beats, head over to bandcamp to download 'Pleasure Palette'... Enjoy!

Download: Dame Grief - Good Grief

London-based producer Dame Grief released this moody beattape earlier this month... Head over to Low Pass' bandcamp to download 'Good Grief', enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Lil Jabba - Waila

The nervous 'Waila' is one of my favourite tracks on N.Y.-based producer Lil Jabba's excellent new 'Keep'-EP, available at Local Action... Enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Tom Misch - Wake Up This Day ft. Jordan Rakei

Tom Misch recruited the amazing Jordan Rakei for the beautiful 'Wake Up This Day', one of the tracks on his new 'Beat Tape 2' - available August 28th via Beyond the Groove... Enjoy!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Docu: Always Check the Label: Hotflush Recordings

Bonafide Magazine shot this cool little documentary on Hotflush Recordings, enjoy!

Download: Awlnight x ΔKTR - Like It Loud

Lots of dopeness on this split-beattape by Minsk-based producer Awlnight and Yokohama-based producer ΔKTR, head over to Fuzzoscope's bandcamp to download 'Like It Loud'... Enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Anushka - Kendrick

The sweet and addictive 'Kendrick' is British duo Anushka's brand new single, give it a listen below... Enjoy!

Beat Appetit: Morgan Abend - I Smell The Rain directed this classy video for 'I Smell The Rain', my favourite track on Morgan Abend's 'Petrichor'-EP, enjoy!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Beat Appetit: Giraffage - Hello (Lindsay Lowend Remix)

Lindsay Lowend's take on 'Hello' is one of my favourite tracks on Giraffage's 'No Reason Remixes'-EP - available at Fool's Gold... Enjoy!

Download: Bunko Stew - Take A 15

Very enjoyable, these piano-laden beats by Utrecht-based producer Bunko Stew, head over to Inner Ocean's bancamp to download 'Take A 15'...

Download: V/A - Do Hits Vol. 2

Lots of exciting stuff by producers like Conrank, Mike Gao, Howie Lee and Damacha on this Chinese beatcomp... Head over to bandcamp to download 'Do Hits Vol. 2', enjoy!

Plat du Jour: Shabazz Palaces - The Mystery Of Lonnie The Døn

Adult Swim released this incredible new track by Shabazz Palaces, enjoy the dark 'The Mystery Of Lonnie The Døn' below... Enjoy!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Beat Appetit: Corona M. - No Captionnnns

Completely in love with this Machinedrum-esque new track by Belgian producer Corona M., enjoy his 'No Captionnnns' below...

Plat du Jour: Apollo Brown - Detonate ft. M.O.P.

The M.O.P.-featuring 'Detonate' is the first taste of Apollo Brown's upcoming new 'Grandeur'-album, available via Mello on September 25... Enjoy!

Download: Morgan Abend - Petrichor

Completely missed this when it came out, but it's too good not to share... Head over to soundcloud to download Hasselt-based producer Morgan Abend's hazy 'Petrichor'-EP, enjoy!

Friday, August 14, 2015